• Medical Qigong

    Unlock Your Natural Healing Powers

    Elisa Senese - Qi Gong instructor

    Elisa is a dedicated teacher who offers insightful links between the physical, mental and energetic body. She has been a practitioner of the healing arts for nearly 20 years working with clients worldwide.


    “ QiGong has given me a life path that keeps me moving closer to the truth according to the law of nature. I feel more grounded, balanced and embodied since practicing Qi Gong and I am more able to be a calming and stable presence in the life of others. This practice has given me a permanent anchor and discipline for life"

    Elisa Senese


    Internal Alchemy

    Learn a series of simple Medical Qigong energy movements that trace the acupressure meridians of your body. Practicing this ancient internal healing art aligns your body structure with your 12 meridians, strengthens your energy network, and rewards your body with a full energetic massage, cleansing and healing.

    Building a solid foundation with

    Seven Static Poses

    B O D Y

    movements are smooth, fluid, and circular with a sense of ease and comfort


    complete relaxation of the body’s muscles, tendons and ligaments


    M I N D

    open up to internal body/mind experiences


    be challenged in your beliefs, views, perceptions, and mental attitudes


    E N E RG Y

    exercises that activate the experience of flowing energy


    detect subtle energy underlying your experience


    strengthening of the Yin Meridians


    Self Healing

    This body-mind practice first developed over 5000 years ago, and is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Medical Qigong is a practice that uses physical activity and meditation to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. Medical Qigong understands that some of our discomfort, illness, and pain are a result of restricted body alignment, energy blockages or a stagnation of energy flow in the energy channel in the human body. When there is a free flow and balance of energy, health can be improved and maintained, while diseases can be prevented.

  • Classes and Workshops


    Medical Qigong

    regular beginners class


    PRIVATE CLASSES on-going support and guidance for your personal practice. min 10 classes.

    ONLINE CLASSES Once every week live video lesson, consultations based on video, pictures and personal support.

    CREATE YOUR OWN GROUP min 3 people

    WORKSHOP 3-hour workshop for intense training and personal development.

    RETREATS Qigong Intensives and Instructor courses are offered in Bali or Thailand with Qi Gong master Ajahn. Winter courses (Jan-Feb) in Chiang Mai.

    coming soon



    This 2 day introduction course is designed to to deepen your understandings of Medical QiGong.

    During the Qi Gong practices, you will be guided to awaken your own self-healing energy using simple, yet deep, motions and breath. There will be series of interactive lectures to provide the basic understandings of the law of nature and the possible causes of your conditions.

    develop your body centre, Dantien, and find physical balance

    introduction of the Yin and Yang theory

    understand the philosophy behind this inner martial art practice

    introduction to dynamic movements

    TQH - Chiang Mai

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    E l i s a S e n e s e


    Contact Elisa in Bali for more info on classes and workshops.