• Medical Qigong

    Unlock Your Natural Healing Powers

    Elisa Senese - Qi Gong instructor

    Elisa is a dedicated teacher who offers insightful links between the physical, mental and energetic body. She has been a practitioner of the healing arts for nearly 20 years working with clients worldwide.


    “ QiGong has given me a life path that keeps me moving closer to the truth according to the law of nature. I feel more grounded, balanced and embodied since practicing Qi Gong and I am more able to be a calming and stable presence in the life of others. This practice has given me a permanent anchor and discipline for life"

    Elisa Senese


    Internal Alchemy

    Learn a series of simple Medical Qigong energy movements that trace the acupressure meridians of your body. Practicing this ancient internal healing art aligns your body structure with your 12 meridians, strengthens your energy network, and rewards your body with a full energetic massage, cleansing and healing.

    Building a solid foundation with

    Seven Static Poses

    B O D Y

    movements are smooth, fluid, and circular with a sense of ease and comfort


    complete relaxation of the body’s muscles, tendons and ligaments


    M I N D

    open up to internal body/mind experiences


    be challenged in your beliefs, views, perceptions, and mental attitudes


    E N E RG Y

    exercises that activate the experience of flowing energy


    detect subtle energy underlying your experience


    strengthening of the Yin Meridians


    Self Healing

    resolving medical issues with daily practice​

    This body-mind practice first developed over 5000 years ago, and is an important aspect of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Medical Qigong is a practice that uses physical activity and meditation to harmonise the body, mind and spirit.

  • Qi Massage

    Meridian AlignmentTherapy

    Qi Massage courses for therapist and bodyworkers

    Qi Massage is a healing system based on the philosophy of Chinese Medicine, tracing back its origin to the ancient wisdom of Qi Gong. With the comprehensive understanding of acupressure points and meridian alignment, this technique is effective in promoting overall wellness whilst simultaneously neutralising unbalanced Qi flow. The system allows the body to proactively heal itself by re-educating its own alignment intellectually, physically, and energetically. It is commonly used with a combination of Medical Qi Gong creating a perfect synergy of treatments.


    Qi Massage Level 1

    Course Descriptions:

    This course is designed for therapists and body workers to develop the understanding of energy and learn how to give efficient and effective treatments while protecting their own sustainable well-being. During the course, both Medical Qi Gong and Qi massage techniques will be introduced and practiced. Using Medical Qi Gong as an essential practice, students will be it provided a method to develop their energy center, Dantien, and to cultivate a higher Qi quality. Students will learn sequences on the legs & feet to apply this essence and to explore the relations of the meridian alignments of both giver and receiver. The course will be taught by Elisa Senese and qualified instructors.


  • Medical Qigong



    Personalised guidance, treatments and practice to address your medical conditions holistically. This process will be supported by my teacher, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Qigong Master, Ajahn Toh.



    TQH - Chiang Mai

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