Testimonial By Nina

A pain free life and hope for the future


My story

In the summer of 2016, my right thumb suddenly started dislocating so badly I hadto pull it back by force. That was the beginning of a total collapse of what my life had been up until this point, and was suddenly changed to a time of desperation, pain and lack of hope I would never imagine possible. I am 54 years old, a mother of six children, and until that day I hadn´t had any big health issues. In January 2017 my righthand was operated on for the first time and I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Psoriatic Arthritis. During a period of 4 years I had 14 surgeries (hands,shoulders, spinal, neck, eyes) and was on heavy medication all the time. Methotrexate every week and 12 different biological medications of which none helped, and each giving devastating side effects. The pain in all the joints of my body made my ability to move extremely limited. Functioning on all demanded regular, daily intake of various kinds of painkillers leading to mood changes, dizziness and constant fatigue. 

After a couple of years of shock and despair I realised I had to look for alternatives to the treatments that didnot help my symptoms,  and needed anoverall different approach to my condition. I started a research into a large variation of Holistic points of view and got my attention focused on Medical QiGong which seemed to correspond closest to my own hopes and beliefs. In searching for more information about QiGong I found Elisa’s website which was one of the best things ever happening tome! Elisa and I corresponded a couple oftimes before the first lesson, I was asked to fill in a form about myself, myhealth, medications and lifestyle. Fromthe very start i got a highly professional feeling about tqh, an experience that increased further as the lessons progressed and the mutual commitment strengthened. Every question was answered immediately and detailed, every problem or concern taken deeply serious, and medical issues clarified by doctor Ajahn Toh. The organisation’s network of highly qualified instructors working together and treating all students/patients according to their individual needs is inconceivable and very effective. 

Attending my first session in February2021 I had no idea of what to expect or what was to come. But after that first lesson,I have not had one single moment of uncertainty or doubt about neither theteaching nor the goal of it. A new worldof insights, movement, painlessness and serenity which I could not even imagine has changed my life and my future.  

As of today, August 2021, I have had online lessons every week with Elisa for 7months. I am off all medications, my ability to move, including using my hands, is even better than it was before I was diagnosed. My mind is calm and I feel hopeful about a future I thought I had lost forever. 

Elisa is a highly skilled senior professional teacher with an extensive therapeutic backgroundand a deep understanding of Medical Qi Gong. Her ways of teaching are unlike anything I had experienced. Using a combination of permanent calmness and consistent precision she guides you through every step, every move, every possible difficulty. Always encouraging and inspiring. Balancing each sessionwith different meditations and breath practices. Being an unusual empathetic person with great understanding of human behaviour she adjusts every lesson according to individual needs of the student.  

Based on my experience of Qi Gong so far, the practise can change your whole life, independent of what possible disorder or disease you seek help for.  

Qigong practice requires patience, endurance and commitment but the greatness of the reward is beyond words and seems to be an ongoing developing phenomenon. 

I wholeheartedly and undeniably recommend Elisa as teacher and choosing TQHMedical Qi Gong as a consisting part of life.   

Nina Langenskiöld, Finland